About Agile Rising

Agile Rising was created to provide our clients with highly-experienced, world-class enterprise transformation consultants and coaches. We have some of the most experienced Agile Coaches in the world – with decades of experience working with and in some of the largest companies and government agencies. We specialize in leading Digital and Agile Transformations, SAFe, Business Agility, Lean Portfolio Management, Product Management, and Technology Business Management. We help create a strategy for your organization, provide the coaching needed to successfully implement that strategy, and help your organization sustain the transformation on your own.

Business Agility Actualized

We Provide Remote Consulting, Coaching,
and training in enterprise-scale agile

Experience the Agile Rising difference

We combine expertise in software and product development with experience in senior operational and business leadership, portfolio management, sales, marketing, and finance and deep expertise in today’s leading Agile and Product Management frameworks. Which is necessary for achieving true Business Agility across the organization. We can provide the guidance and mentoring to leaders and teams across the organization to drive enterprise-Agile transformation and DevOps transformations.

What makes Agile Rising uniquely suited to be your transformation partner:

  • Experience across a broad range of industries, including financial services, retail, high-tech, manufacturing, highly-regulated environments. From Uber and Daimler’s self-driving vehicle programs to Philips FDA regulated medical devices to NASA, we have helped some of the most complex organization’s optimize their processes.
  • Experience working with hardware, software, and business organizations.
  • One of only a handful of SAFe SPCT Gold partners in the world — the only partner certification that validates successful Agile Transformations across multiple organizations.
  • We are the only organization in the world that is both a SAFe SPCT Gold partner and a Technology Business Management partner.

Agile Rising will be your partner in leading your large-scale transformation, guiding you as you adopt the Scaled Agile Framework and shift to a product-centric approach, while providing the executive-level coaching and training you need.

About Us

With more than 20 years of industry leadership experience and more than 10 years of enterprise Agile coaching experience, our coaches will help jump start your transformation and provide you with dedicated, knowledgeable guidance at every step of your journey.

Marshall Guillory

Vice President, Government Practice, SPCT

Christopher Ruch


Andrew Keener


Tom McDonnell

Sr. Agile Transformation Consultant

Marguerite Bryan

Sr. Agile Transformation Consultant

Mark Richards

SAFe® Fellow

Avery Williamson

Marketing Coordinator

Russ Musolf

VP of Sales and Business Development