Leading in the Digital Age

Scaled Agile’s leader development program designed to equip leaders with the competencies needed to navigate fast-moving disruptions and technology driven opportunities in the Digital Age.

The Leading in the Digital Age program is only available to SAFe Enterprise subscription Customers and can only be taught by select Gold SPCT Partners, like Agile Rising.

This cohort-based program combines self-paced learning with SPCT-led sessions. Each module takes four to five weeks to complete and can be taken in any order.

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About This Program

The first two modules in the Leading in the Digital Age program, combine self-paced learning with instructor-led sessions. Each module takes four to five weeks to complete and can be taken in any order.

Module 1 – Leading by Example

This module takes a deep dive into the four critical behaviors essential for leading in the digital age: insatiable learning, authenticity, emotional competence, and courage. 

Module 2 – Accelerating Change Leadership

This module, built with Kotter International, introduces attendees to best practices for accelerating change. Enable your enterprise to focus on Dr. John Kotter’s four critical change leadership principles and eight key accelerators.

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Attendees will learn how to: 

  • Drive Agile transformation at a large company
  • Promote a continuous learning environment
  • Build a trust-based environment through authentic leadership
  • Inspire a generative culture by leading with emotional competence
  • Overcome barriers to successful transformation

Who Should Take This Program?

The Leading in the Digital Agile program is designed for mid-level leaders in organizations practicing SAFe. This program is only available to SAFe Enterprise clients. The program relies on significant partner input and is personalized to each attendee.

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SAFe Enterprise

Your organization’s key to accessing SAFe at Scale

The SAFe Enterprise Subscription (SES) gives organizations access to the know-how needed to drive transforms. 

Agile Rising helps organizations maximize the value of the SES and unlock courses only available to SES holders and taught bY SPCTs or iSPCTs.


  • Unlimited access to courseware per learner
  • Access to all courseware taught by a SAFe Program Consultant (SPC)
  • Certifications and certification renewals are included for the term. Subscription purchase includes 20% off SAFe® Program Consultant certification renewal
  • Early access to new courses and courses exclusively available to SES subscribers

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