Flow Framework® Fundamentals Training

Flow Framework Professsional


This two-day long workshop introduces the Flow Framework® and enables participants to become certified Flow Framework® Professionals.

In this course, participants develop a greater understanding of the Flow Framework, a systematic approach to measuring and improving flow, shortening time-to-market, increasing throughput, improving product quality, and optimizing for business outcomes.

A common challenge raised about enterprise Agile frameworks such as SAFe, LeSS, DA, and Nexus, is that there is so much data, yet decision making is still hard.

The goal of the Flow Framework is to measure what your Agile implementation is producing in real, actionable terms. The Flow Framework is a structured, prescriptive approach to Value Stream Management for software, product delivery, and business. It identifies where work is flowing in your product value streams and where it’s slowing down so that you can decide how to address those bottlenecks. It also equips leaders with non-technical (and non-Agile) language to use with business stakeholders to set priorities and measure outcomes.

In this two-day workshop, attendees will learn the benefits of the Flow Framework®, develop an understanding of Flow metrics and how to gather them, devise strategies for integrating your Agile and DevOps tool chain, and learn how to launch an implementation in your organization.

Learning Goals

  • Learn the fundamentals of implementing the Flow Framework®
  • Make work visible to see bottlenecks, issues, and risks
  • Optimize for the end-to-end product value stream
  • Identify the impacts of dependencies across teams
  • Utilize flow metrics to continuously improve and measure business value
  • Map workflow to improve flow with integration

What You Get in this Course

  • One day of immersive instruction
  • Course completion certificate
  • A digital student workbook for all students
  • A printed workbook shipped to your home or office  (U.S. addresses only; Must register one week before start of class)
  • Testing support and on-demand mentoring after the class

The Agile Rising Difference

We are not a training company. We are not a staffing company. Agile Rising focuses on transformations for companies that choose to adopt Lean, Agile, and DevOps.

As Tasktop Partners, we offer the right blend of consulting, coaching, teaching, and integration services for your organization in order for transformation to succeed. You can expect insights from the trenches and pragmatic advice in every class we offer.

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