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In order to know which areas present the most opportunity for improvement and to know if training and coaching efforts are having an impact, you need to be able to capture the right metrics to measure the outcomes both in the organization and in the market. Agile Rising’s expert transformation consultants can create an assessment and metric program for your organization that provides the actionable insights that you need to to drive your transformation forward.

Organizational Assessment

Do you recognize that there is an opportunity to improve your organization, but you are not sure where to start? Agile Rising’s Organizational Assessment is here to help. We will conduct an in-depth review of your current approach, practices, and structure, and identify ways to improve flow, effectiveness, efficiency, and quality. You will be provided with our findings, recommendations, and insights into the potential gains you can expect by implementing our suggestions.

The assessment can be targeted at any group, from Product or Development Teams to Marketing, HR, Finance, Leadership, an Agile Release Train, or the entire enterprise. These focused assessments provide you with a clear path forward to meet your business goals in the target area, from selecting the most appropriate Agile framework for the organization to developing an implementation roadmap and training plan for the group. These can be combined with organizational health assessments to create a metrics baseline, which will be the foundation for measuring the future outcomes of the transformation.

Health Assessments

Assessing business agility and the effectiveness of Agile teams and large programs is not a trivial feat. Leaders and team members are often looking for actionable feedback and input into developing continuous improvement plans. The most effective way to get this high-quality data is through a regular cadence of facilitated assessments, specifically focused on each team in the organization.

Facilitated Health Assessment

Agile Rising’s certified AgilityHealth Facilitators will develop an assessment and growth strategy for your organization and facilitate in-depth retrospective and assessment sessions with your team members. The outputs are detailed feedback and improvement plans created by the teams themselves that put them on a path to continuous improvement. These assessments provide a baseline of the organization’s health and provide regular progress reports on areas that are improving and early signs of areas that need attention. Our certified facilitators are experts with a variety of assessment tools including AgilityHealth Radars, Comparative Agility, SAFe Assessments, and creating custom assessments tailored for your organization.

SAFe Implementation Assessments

Is your SAFe implementation on track? Are your Agile Release Trains following SAFe guidelines and best practices? Some of the most common challenges that are seen in SAFe implementations have their cause in not fully or effectively adopting the framework’s guidelines. Agile Rising’s SAFe Implementation Assessments are health assessments specifically designed for organizations adopting SAFe and are facilitated by SAFe SPCTs who have successfully implemented SAFe in multiple organizations.

You and your teams will receive detailed and actionable feedback on where your organization is doing well and where you can improve. You will also receive concrete recommendations for getting back on track and relentlessly improving.

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