When you decide to implement agility training and certification is key to sustaining best practices. We want your agile transformation to be successful, that’s why we tailor your learning path to your challenges. Successful Agile implementations take time and concentration on your organization’s goals. That’s why we work with our clients to help you implement what works for you.

Agile Rising provides a broad range of training and certification ranging from Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), Flow Framework, ICAgile,, PMI-ACP test prep, to Technology Business Management. All of these approaches help us tailor your path to agility to your needs, allowing us to be nimble and responsive.

Agile Rising is unique in that we are the only organization in the world that is a SAFe Gold SPCT partner, and authorized to teach TBM and Flow Framework certifications. This makes us uniquely suited to be your partner in driving transformation in a variety of capacities. Our team has experience in a number of industries.

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Comprehensive Training Solutions for Remote, In-Person, and Corporate Universities

All of our trainings are available to be taught remotely, with a live instructor, or in-person. Beyond providing training, we are experienced in helping Corporate Universities create holistic training and certification programs and developing online, LMS-based training classes. 

As a SAFe Gold SPCT Partner, Agile Rising offers all of the Scaled Agile Framework classes, including Implementing SAFe. Gold SPCT is the highest level of partnership and signifies the deep level of experience that our consultants have guiding SAFe implementations at large organizations. Only SAFe SPCT Gold Partners are validated by Scaled Agile Inc. to have real-world experience successfully implementing SAFe within multiple organizations – which we have been helping companies and government agencies to do since 2013. We are skilled in helping leaders drive Agile transformations, select appropriate partners for training, and be your guide on this complex journey. 

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ICAgile Training

As an ICAgile partner and training provider, we offer a wide range of Agile training that is agnostic of any set framework. If you are looking to expand your horizons, become certified, but do not want to adhere to a prescriptive framework, ICAgile classes are for you. Agile Rising offers ICAgile training from across all ICAgile tracks:

  • Agile Team Facilitation
  • Business Agility
  • Agile Coaching

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Agile Rising is a Flow Framework implementation partner, with experience helping large enterprises organize around value, integrate the DevSecOps toolchain, and present actionable metric. The Flow Framework bridges the gap between technologists and business stakeholders, providing the methodology and the vocabulary to systematically relieve the bottlenecks that are slowing software delivery down and impacting business results. Based on Dr. Mik Kersten’s book, Project to Product, The Flow Framework helps leaders shift from a project-centric mindset to a product-oriented organization that realizes more value and responds faster to market changes. The Flow Framework is a structured prescriptive approach to Value Stream Management for software, product delivery, and business. It identifies where work is flowing in your product value streams and where it’s slowing down so that you can decide how to address those bottlenecks. It also equips leaders with non-technical (and non-Agile) language to use with business stakeholders to set priorities and measure outcomes.

Agile Rising provides the following following Flow Framework trainings:

  • Introduction to the Flow Framework – 4 hours
  • Implementing Flow Framework Workshop – 2 days

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Leaders are facing increased pressure to deliver faster, better products. The journey of true Enterprise Business Agility, (EBA) is one that requires an overall transformation strategy that combines lean portfolio management, organizational value stream design, lean product development, leadership and culture, measurement, DevOps and other elements. The Enterprise Business Agility, Model provides guidance for leading a successful enterprise business agility transformation based on seven key pillars.

The definition of business agility is “the ability to adapt and change, learn and pivot, deliver at speed, and thrive in a competitive market.” Sally Elatta & Evan Leybourn

As an AgilityHealth Partner, Agile Rising provides the full range of Business Agility classes and jump starts, including:

  • EBA Overview for Leaders
  • Enterprise Business Agility Foundations
  • Enterprise Business Agility Strategist Certification Course
  • Measurement & Strategy Jump Start
  • Lean Portfolio Management Jump Start
  • Team Structure & Design Jump Start
  • Agile Framework & Mindset Jump Start
  • Leadership Agility Jump Start
  • Make it Stick Jump Start

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The goal of Technology Business Management (TBM) is to improve the collaboration between business, finance, and IT to maximize the delivery of value and the return on investment. Digital transformation is about enabling the enterprise to move at the speed of the market, respond to unexpected events and opportunities, drive innovation, and capitalize on emerging technologies. But, this collaboration between business and IT can only exist if there is transparency into the real costs and returns, and informed decisions about the actual costs of technology investments. Business leaders need to manage spending, consumption, and performance.

Agile Rising is actively involved in the TBM Council’s Agile Working group and can provide unique guidance for implementing TBM and Agile at scale at the same time via the TBM Executive Foundations course.

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Authorized PMI Education Provider

Agile Rising has been involved in the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) program since 2011 when we helped write and pilot the original PMI-ACP exam. We offer an accelerated learning course is designed to help you prepare for the PMI-ACP® Agile Certified Practitioner exam, and gain the most understanding from instructors with real word Agile delivery experience. This 3-day long course include games, exercises, case studies and other tools to help you understand the concepts necessary to pass the PMI-ACP® exam. The class includes the complete PMI-ACP® Exam Prep System as part of course materials, including a copy of PM FASTrack® Exam Simulation Software.

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Technical and Custom Training

We offer a verity of hands-on technical training including:

  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
  • Pair Programming
  • Microsoft DevOps training and certification

Whatever your Agile or technical agility needs, Agile Rising can provide it.

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