Put Lean Agile Talent to Work For You

Embark on a transformative journey with Agile Rising. Our suite of specialized services is designed to empower your organization at every level of your transformation. From influencing your organization’s culture with transformative leadership practices to building internal change champions with our coaching academy, to developing internal talent with our Dojos and embedded hireable talent services. We’ll help transform your organization.

Agile Coaching Academy

Agile Rising’s Agile Coaching Academy is a dynamic nine-week cohort-based program dedicated to building internal coaching talent and driving successful Agile transformations. Led by SAFe SPCTs & Fellows — the program combines formal training, self-study, and on-the-job coaching and mentoring. Graduates earn certification as Professional Agile Coaches (ICAgile ICP-ACC), tailored to their organization’s unique needs, with optional training and certifications available.


The Agile Coaching Academy is a nine-week cohort-based program combining formal training, self-study, and on the job coaching and mentoring led by SAFe SPCTs & Fellows — highly experienced Agile transformation consultants and coaches.

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Agile Training Dojos

Our Agile Training Dojos provide immersive learning experiences, acting as spaces where teams can establish and refresh Agile practices. SAFe Dojos, focused on a single Agile Release Train (ART), ensure SAFe best practices are re-established. Agile Dojos cater to teams at the beginning of their Agile journey, combining foundational training with on-the-job practice to foster consistent Agile practices.


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Lean-Agile Leadership

For leadership development, our Lean Agile Leadership services equip leaders with the competencies to navigate disruptions and opportunities in the Digital Age.

We offer custom leadership training, that is tailored to your objectives, Business Agility training, and cohort-based leadership training from Scaled Agile.

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Embed Hirable Talent

To enhance your organizational agility, leverage our network to embed hirable Lean-Agile talent. From Agile Developers to Agile Coaches and SPCs, DevOps Engineers to Product Owners, we connect you with skilled professionals to drive your Agile transformation forward. Empower your teams for success in the rapidly evolving landscape of Agile methodologies.


Leverage Agile Rising’s network to help you embed hirable talent in your organization to drive your Agile transformation forward.

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