Government Agile Transformation

The Challenge

The Federal Government is adopting Agile across many departments and agencies. Digital modernization, Lean-Agile and DevOps practices have the potential to transform your organization, but government agencies face unique challenges: government programs are some of the largest and most complex platforms in the world, coordinating multiple suppliers and vendors, security and compliance requirements, and complex acquisition and contracting lifecycles. How do you drive an agile, responsive, and innovation development approach in this environment? How do you know if your suppliers and vendors are actually collaborating and using the Agile best practices that have been specified by your agency?

Our Solutions

At Agile Rising, we have deep experience helping multiple federal agencies, including NASA, FBI, VA, and the FAA, successfully adopt the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) as an operating model (system). Our work includes thought leadership in Agile transformation within the Government and our consultants have helped Government transition from project-centric funding and work management models to flow-centric work management and value stream funding models. Our team helped develop the SAFe for Government course and GAO Agile Guide. We are long-time contributors to the SEI Agile Collaboration Group and have presented at the annual Inter-Agency Agile Seminar on Agile contracting and vendor management and Scaled Agile SAFe Day Government. We know the challenges you face, we have been there shoulder to shoulder with our Government and Military partners and customers, and we can help you navigate a successful implementation strategy.

We can also help provide the oversight needed for your implementation and systems integrator vendors through our advisory positioning as consultants and coaches.

SAFe Implementation Strategy Consulting and Training

When your agency adopts SAFe, it will be one of the largest and most complex adoptions you have undertaken. You do not want your implementation partner to be doing this for the first time. Only SAFe SPCT Gold Partners have validated experience successfully implementing SAFe, and Agile Rising has direct experience working at the CIO level in government agencies to make SAFe work and providing Agile Leadership Training. We will help your leadership drive the transformation, select appropriate partners for training and coaching, and be your guide on this complex journey. Agile Rising is a Small Business.

Development Vendor Oversight and Health Assessments

You have specified that your development vendors have to use a SAFe approach, but how do you know they are implementing it well? Do you want your SAFe strategists and coaches working for the same vendors that are supposed to be transforming their own development approaches? Agile Rising’s oversight and assessment approach provides you independent SAFe experts to assess the health and maturity of your SAFe implementation and your vendors’ SAFe adoption.

“ESC was able to prove with a pilot project and first two Agile Release Train (ART) launches that SAFe can deliver value faster, more effectively, with greater quality, and higher customer satisfaction than in recent history.”

Joe LaTorre, Ret. Maj., USMC, US Federal Civil Service, Ret., former Enterprise Agility Coach and Internal Change Agent, ESC

Business Cases and Results

  • The case studies presented by Agile Rising consultants offer an accurate representation of the work they have performed, which has resulted in measurable real-world business outcomes. It is important to note that Agile Rising, as well as its consultants and employees, do not speak for or represent any of their customers. The data provided in these case studies is based on the actual observations, reports, and measurements taken during the consultant’s performance, and are presented as representative results from those engagements.

    Therefore, we believe that businesses looking for insights and strategies for success can rely on these case studies as a reliable source of information and best practices. We can provide customer references to our valued future customers and partners upon request.

Currently serving NASA, FAA, FBI, VA, and Federal Government sector systems integrators and vendors.

Agile Rising is currently performing in change leadership, consulting, and executive/team coaching roles for Digital, Lean-Agile transformations using SAFe as an operating system, TBM, ITIL, and Jira Software and Jira Align, PI tool implementations.
Contract vehicles: Agile Rising can engage under SEWP V, eFAST and GSA Schedule 70 contract vehicles through our partner network.


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