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Agile Rising Consultants selected to present at the 2021 Global SAFe Summit

The excitement brewing around the online 2021 Global SAFe Summit ( is growing as we prepare for the annual spectacular scaling event hosted by Scaled Agile, Inc. on September 27 – October 1. Agile Rising is pleased to announce that two of our SAFe Program Consultant Trainers (SPCTs), Chris Ruch and Marshall Guillory are speaking […]

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Creating Joyful Teams – Spaceballs, the Retro

Is your team suffering through a joyless work experience? Perhaps it is time to lighten the mood. Enter a dog named Barf and a lonely princess. The power of joy really comes from the Schwartz. If your name is Lonestar and you are a Scrum Master, you are well prepared. Mural Template link: PDF

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The Scrum Master Who Cared Too Much, Part 1

By Andrew Keener Question: Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who cares about creative collaboration, engineering craftsmanship, and sustainable pace. If my team seems not to care, should I even bother? Should you care when no one else does? Maybe not.             Attempting to care on behalf of others is a recipe for burnout. Newly […]

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2020: A Year of Change

2020 was a year defined by change. It is becoming increasingly clear that organizations that are able to adapt to change rapidly and effectively will thrive. This year, a major concern of many of our customers was adapting to remote work, while maintaining productivity. We guided a number of groups through the process of creating […]

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