Agile Coaching as a Service


The Challenge

You need help with your Agile Transformation, but not on a full-time basis. That doesn’t make the need any less important.  When you need the expertise, it’s urgent, and needed to help keep your transformation or agile adoption moving forward. We created Agile Rising’s Agile Coaching as a Service for just this type of situation. 

Agile as a Service


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The Solution

Agile Coaching as a Service is here to help you fill in the gaps when you need it. We create Agile Coaching as a Service to enable success for a wide range of organizations. Whether you’re just starting your transformation, have a recurring issue, or wish to launch new capabilities, Agile Coaching as a Service is an excellent option for groups large and small.

Experience Matters

Agile Rising is a SAFe Gold SPCT Partner, which means we are uniquely equipped to help accelerate change at a number of organizations. From manufacturing and finance to aerospace, we have implemented SAFe in a number of contexts. Experience matters, and at Agile Rising we know our team of experienced consultants can help you accomplish your goals.

Agile Coaching as a Service Can Help

Agile Coaching as a Service is a micro-consulting model that delivers Agile guidance and expertise when you need it. It provides a flexible model for a partnership with an expert for just-in-time help and guidance.

  • Getting past a challenging sticking point
  • Helping you evolve your Agile transformation
  • Mentorship for Agile change agents
  • An outside guide that understands your organization and your transformation and can help when you need help

A quicker, easier, more Agile way to get Agile expertise when you need it.

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