Agile Coaching

Every high-performing team has a high-performing coach. When you are undertaking a Digital Transformation, Agile Transformation, or SAFe Implementation, your organization deserves to have a team of experienced enterprise coaches who can help show you the way to a successful transformation, how to adopt new practices, techniques, and tools, and how to embrace the Agile mindset. Agile Rising was created to provide our clients with highly-experienced, world-class coaches. We hire only the best and our consultants average 20 years of industry leadership experience and 10 years of enterprise Agile coaching experience in some of the world’s largest companies and government agencies. Our coaches will help jump start your transformation and provide you with dedicated, knowledgeable guidance at every step of your journey.

We specialize in leading Digital and Agile Transformations, SAFe, Business Agility, Lean Portfolio Management, Product Management, and Technology Business Management. We help create a strategy for your organization, provide the coaching needed to successfully implement that strategy, and help your organization sustain the transformation on your own.

Coaching Areas of Focus

Digital Transformations are complex and require different types of changes, approaches, and knowledge in different areas of the organization. Agile Rising provides you the focused coaching you need in each of these areas, including:

  • Enterprise Transformation Coaches to lead the overall transformation and change management initiative
  • Leadership and Executive Coaches
  • Lean Portfolio Coaches
  • Agile Team Coaches
  • SAFe ART and Large Solution Train Coaches
  • Agile and Lean-Agile Centers of Excellence (Agile CoE or LACE)
  • Product Management & User Experience Coaches
  • Business, Marketing, and HR Coaches
  • Technical and DevOps Coaches
  • Agile Coaching training, certification, and mentoring
  • Agile tooling and integration specialists
  • ScrumMaster, Product Manager, and Release Train Engineer staffing

Enterprise Transformation Coaching

Agile Rising was created to provide our clients with world-class enterprise transformation coaches with deep experience leading Agile and SAFe implementations in multiple organizations. Our Enterprise Transformation Coaches are Certified SAFe Program Consultant Trainers (SPCT) or SPCT Candidates, and are recognized as some of the most experienced transformation leaders available. Our transformation coaches are experts in Agile and SAFe, developing transformation strategies for large enterprises, facilitating Value Stream Identification exercises as part of organizational design and restructuring initiatives, coaching leaders and Lean-Agile Centers of Excellence, and leading teams of Portfolio, ART, and Agile Team coaches. These coaches are also part of the exclusive SAFe SPCT Community, and are providing direct input to future versions of the Scaled Agile Framework and helping to develop new training classes. They provide our clients with the latest thought leadership and insights into current industry trends and developments.

Gartner recommends that every organization undertaking a SAFe implementation should have a SAFe SPCT as part of the transformation team.

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Leadership driving the transformation is the number one key to success of these major initiatives. Agile Rising specializes in coaching executives to make the transition to a Lean-Agile Leader mindset and helps leaders develop the strategy to meet their organizational and business goals while making changes to the structure, policies, procedures, budgets, and, ultimately, the culture of the organization.

Lean-Agile Center of Excellence Coaching

The Lean-Agile Center of Excellence, often called a LACE, Agile CoE, or Agile Transformation Office, guides the transformation effort for the organization. The LACE provides thought leadership, best practices, standard frameworks and approaches, training, and coaching to the rest of the organization. The LACE is itself a cross-functional Agile team, or team of Agile teams, which is responsible for the successful transformation of the organization, its way of working, and its culture. These are the internal change agents who lead the transformation every day. Agile Rising provides coaching to and through the LACE, including:

  • Chartering and establishing the LACE
  • Developing a transformation strategy and implementation roadmap
  • Creating an organizational change management and communication strategy
  • Developing reusable assets, templates, and guides
  • Implementing metrics and health assessments 
  • Creating and supporting Communities of Practice (CoP) for Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Release Train Engineers, Automated Testing, and other specialized roles and skills
  • Providing training and certification classes
  • Providing coach-the-coaches mentoring, training, and certification to develop internal coaching capacity