Lean Portfolio Management

The Challenge

You launched Agile Release Trains. You trained your teams and leaders. Your continuous delivery pipeline has transformed exploration, integration, and deployment. You accelerated development and retooled for the ability to release on demand. What’s missing? What’s next? How does your enterprise scale from accelerated development to the next level of innovation, quality, and market capture?

Our Solutions

At Agile Rising, we understand the challenges of extending to the portfolio and expanding across the enterprise. Changing enterprise investment decisions, budgeting processes, organization design, and business architecture can inspire anxiety and confusion when questions and concerns are not addressed properly. These are complex topics that require answers to tough questions, alignment across stakeholders, and facilitation of key conversations. With our experience in agile budgeting, Technology Business Management, agile contracting, and managing portfolios of large strategic initiatives, we can help guide your organization to a solution that works for you.

Lean Portfolio Management Jumpstart

We work with your key leaders to design a lean portfolio management approach that effectively aligns strategy, investment funding, and agile governance across the organization. Our LPM Jumpstart, which includes workshops, consulting, and coaching, is designed to create a portfolio system that optimizes your organization’s ability to innovate and deliver value.

SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management Certification

Many organizations find that their initial implementations of SAFe did not fully align to value streams or may have only included parts of value streams. Implementing lean portfolio management provides you with an opportunity to reevaluate portfolio value streams and realign around value to optimize your organization.

SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management Certification

Agile Rising offers both public and private on-site SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management training and certification. This 3-day course gives participants the practical tools and techniques necessary to implement the lean portfolio management functions of strategy and investment funding, agile portfolio operations and lean governance.

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