Mark Richards

Mark Richards

SAFe® Fellow

A SAFe® Fellow, Mark Richards has been involved with the SAFe Framework since 2012 when he coached Australia’s first Scaled Agile implementation at Telestra.

In 2013 Mark made major contributions to the framework which led him to being named the world’s first SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) outside of Scaled Agile Inc. Mark is one of just a handful of SAFe Fellows in the world and Agile Rising is one of only 13 organizations that can provide a SAFe Fellow level of coaching.

“The SAFe Fellow program represents the ultimate achievement for those looking to advance Lean-Agile methods at enterprise scale with SAFe,” says Dean Leffingwell, creator of SAFe and Chief Methodologist. “If we are in a challenging situation—whether puzzling over the next generation framework or struggling to optimize a SAFe implementation—the Fellows are the folks we turn to.”—Dean Leffingwell, creator of SAFe, Chief Methodologist.

About Mark Richards

Mark is one of the top Agilistis in the world. Having worked for groups like BMW, Tenix, and more. Mark brings years of valuable leadership and implementation experience to the table. His expertise within SAFe and within agile broadly is valuable to any organization looking to create change. Mark is a frequent contributor to conferences both in Australia and internationally and is available for executive-level strategic consulting, speaking, and training.

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