Making the transition from Project to Product:


Competing today means continually delivering value to your customers. The transition from a project to a product mindset shifts an organization’s focus from delivering staggered value through projects to delivering a continual flow of value through Value Streams.

Connect toolchains

Automate workflows between teams

Collect insights to help you intelligently manage your Value Streams

Tasktop Hub

Teams do better when their tools
talk to each other.

Tasktop Hub integrates with multiple versions of over 60 leading tools, like Targetprocess, the Atlassian Suite, Azure DevOps, and SNOW to help you automate the workflow between tools and teams, improving communication, collaboration, and productivity. Model-based integrations allow you to easily plug in tools and replace them as your requirements change.

Regulated industries like Financial Services and Healthcare can deliver high-quality, compliant software with automated traceability.

Agile Rising can help you create a toolchain integration strategy that brings disparate information sources together for improved reporting and visibility.

Tasktop Viz

Where Tasktop Hub automates flow, Tasktop Viz enables you to visualize, measure and
manage the flow of value across your Value Streams so that you can identify and correct
bottlenecks and make data-driven investment decisions.

Five key metrics tell the tale:

At a glance, Viz enables real-time portfolio insights, helping organizations monitor and
measure the progress of their value streams and portfolios.

Value Stream Management with Tasktop Viz™

As organizations start to modernize and manage work by product, traditional roles are changing. PMO roles—such as Program and Project Managers—are expanding and evolving due to the reorientation of organizations toward value-based outcomes. So what does the shift from the PMO to the VMO (Value Management Office) really look like?

Chris Ruch, SAFe SPCT at Agile Rising and Wendy Flowers, Sr. Value Stream Architect at Tasktop discuss how the Flow Framework® and Tasktop Viz™ can accelerate your project to product transformation by:

  • identifying where work is flowing across your product value streams
  • finding bottlenecks impacting the end-to-end flow of value
  • generating flow metrics to measure value delivery correlated to business results
  • creating a successful VMO implementation roadmap

As a Tasktop Value Stream partner and reseller, we can help you pivot from projects to products, and adopt a value stream approach to product development. Our Lean Portfolio Management and Value Stream workshops and consulting services can help your organization identify value streams and connect value stream portfolios to enterprise strategy.

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