Apptio Targetprocess Implementation Partner

Agile Rising is a leading Apptio Targetprocess partner. We’ve guided our clients through multiple implementations, where experts have tailored the Targetprocess implementation planning, configurations, and integrations to support the client’s desired state transformation vision. We are experts in Technology Business Management (TBM) + Agile and Lean Portfolio Management.

For customers new to Apptio Targetprocess, we provide full implementation, integration, and training services. If you are already an Apptio or TBM customer, Agile Rising’s experienced coaches can help you maximize the impact the value you are getting from the suite of tools by optimizing your ways of working, identifying bottlenecks in the system, and connecting Strategy with Finance and Execution.

Targetprocess is a powerful, flexible enterprise Agile planning SaaS solution that powers your ability to scale at the speed of business. It connects strategy to execution holistically – so you can deliver outcomes, value, and across-the-board improvements.


Increase portfolio planning frequency

  • Define OKRs to connect business objectives to portfolio strategy.
  • Plan, prioritize & forecast portfolio investments.
  • Visualize work items to track progress, manage risk & communicate value.


Accelerate time to market

  • Make faster & more informed roadmap decisions.
  • Efficiently manage prioritization, backlog & dependencies.
  • Show execution of development work aligned to goals of the business.


Improve team productivity

  • Transparently conduct PI Planning.
  • Easily visualize roadmap & facilitate work across teams.
  • Connect team-level execution in Jira or ADO to enterprise-level planning using SAFe.


Exec/Business Leader

  • Enable transformation at scale to achieve business agility.
  • Determine strategic goals of development work to align to company vision.
  • Connect ROI of agile work to customer value.


Ensure IT value realization

  • Show changes to delivery plan in context of IT budget.
  • Re-plan, re-forecast and manage variance.
  • Drive towards project TCO.

Customer Story: Scaled Agile Solutions for Higher Education

  • Kickoff and Discovery
  • Implementation and Technical Assessment Workshops
  • Targetprocess Configuration and Custom Integrations
  • Role-based Training Launch
  • Post Training Support

Enhancing Strategic Alignment using Targetprocess Webinar

In this webinar, Agile Rising’s Joe Vergara, SPCT and Apptio’s Mark Des Biens, Sr. Solutions Consultant review the enhanced Targetprocess functionality

Value for every role

Labor Financial Management

Extend enterprise agility with LFM and gain support and visibility across Agile and Legacy portfolios.

Enterprise Agile Planning

Strategic Planning, Portfolio Budgeting, Resource Management, Program Management

Connecting Strategy to Execution

Directly link and measure the progress against enterprise objectives and key results


ApptioOne unifies financial and operational data into a unified model built on the industry – standard taxonomy of cost categorization. Utilizing sophisticated allocation rules along with focused metrics and KPIs, ApptioOne enables organizations to answer the most strategic questions about investments and accelerate budgeting and forecasting processes. By explaining investments and variance to plan more quickly to constituencies and executive management, organizations can uncover opportunities to optimize cost structures, reduce risk, and accelerate growth. ApptioOne has received the FedRamp certification.

  • Establish ITFM Fundamentals: Implement a structured view of IT expenses for actuals and plans based on industry-standard framework to allow for faster ad hoc analysis and budgeting cycles.

  • Optimize Cost Structures: Lower overall IT spend by reducing waste, eliminating duplications, and aligning investments to strategic priorities.

  • Accelerate Forecasting Cycles: Reduce the time spent forecasting, accelerate frequency, and redirect resources to higher-value activities.

  • Get a Complete Picture of Project TCO: Gauge the impact of operational spend and gain a deeper understanding of project costs and their impact on budgets.

Better Together ApptioOne & Targetprocess

Together, Targetprocess and ApptioOne bring comprehensive Labor Financial Management that empowers Technology and Finance teams for agility.

The Labor Financial Management (LFM) solution empowers technology finance teams to effectively manage the financials of labor and optimize costs for maximum value by leveraging Apptio Targetprocess’ability to directly integrate with ApptioOne, the industry-leading financial management platform.

The seamless connection brings together finance and technology teams, strengthening collaboration with strategic portfolio managers and the PMO to align investment, product direction, and value back to the business.

  • Integrate work and financial management for streamlined labor forecasting with real-time updates and improved capitalization tracking, reducing discrepancies and risks.

  • Full insight into labor allocations, funding decisions, and value stream performances allows for easier realization of value.

  • Flexible capacity funding gives organizations the ability to continuously plan, adapt, and allocate resources strategically, fostering financial agility.

Apptio Cloudability

Get smart with your cloud-frst initiative

Cloud is part of every IT organization – whether planned or not. Staying on top of cloud usage and cost with FinOps best practices is critical to avoiding spending surprises, waste, and inefficiency. Organizations without dedicated cloud financial stewardship face common challenges:

  • Cloud spending accelerates without warning, leading to budget and resource constraints.
  • Cloud sprawl, underutilized resources, and poor purchasing decisions create unnecessary waste and slow cloud adoption.
  • Cloud consumers want to be good stewards of company resources, but don’t always have the tools and visibility to make this a reality.

Accelerate your FinOps practice

Cloudability is a cloud financial management solution that enables FinOps teams with single-pane-ofglass cost visibility across AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI.

The platform offers teams full visibility into cloud costs so they can reduce waste, optimize for efficiency, and bring solutions to market faster. Our enterprise-scale analytics engine delivers real-time spend data and powerful recommendations that are easy for anyone to use. Designed to enable company-wide cost accountability, Cloudability allows organizations to move fast, spend wisely, and do more in the cloud.