F.A.Q. – SAFe® Courses

Frequently asked questions for our SAFe courses.

When will I gain access to the Scaled Agile Framework Community portal?

You will gain access to the SAFe Community when you register after receiving the “Welcome to the Community” e-mail from your Agile Rising instructor.

What time do the classes start and end?

For public courses, the classes start at 8:00 a.m. in the time zone of the course host location and end after nine hours has passed including breaks at 5:00 p.m.

When will I be able to take the exam?

On the last day of class you will receive access to the exam, the practice exam, and study guides in the SAFe Community portal.

How long to I have to take the exam?

You will have 30 days from the last day of the class to take the exam.

Do you have exam study tips?

We will cover strategies and tips for taking the exam on the last day of class.

Is help available after the class to assist me or my organization implement SAFe?

Yes, Agile Rising is a full service agile consulting company. Contact your instructor to get more information on how we can help your organization successfully implement SAFe and transform your organization.