Agile Transformation

Digital Transformation & Change Leadership

The Challenge

With investment in the digital age reaching $1.97 trillion by 2022 many companies and organizations are already realizing pain from the sheer complexity and noise of the marketplace when it comes to tooling, practices, and thought leadership options for achieving digital conversion for your organization. Many investments have already been made that do not bear fruit as promised. If this is your organization you need strong transformation leadership.

Our Solutions

We don’t spare words for wasted efforts. Fail, observe, learn, and adapt. Agile Rising’s solutions are based on strategies, practices, and tools that work. We do not simply consult or teach practices that have not been proven through thoughtful experimentation or even better – actual practice. Our approach is agnostic and context-driven for your needs.

Agile Rising focuses on helping to optimize your entire organization with the latest research into organizational effectiveness and innovative management practices.  Our experienced transformation consultants help to define a strategy, build a corporate design, roll-out plan, tool and framework selection tailored to your specific organizational and business needs.

We specialize in partnering with senior leaders from across the organization, including IT, Business, Finance, HR, Sales, and Marketing, to form a guiding coalition that is prepared for organizational change leadership. Our goal is to help you build a system that optimizes the entire enterprise.

We help to address some of the largest challenges that organizations face when trying to scale Agile and DevOps: changing funding and budgeting models, aligning strategic planning cycles, and implementing Lean portfolio management. When you are ready to move beyond training and coaching development teams and want to apply Agile and Lean across your entire organization, Agile Rising is the partner you need.

Organizational Change Leadership

To be successful in any transformation your organization will need experienced change leaders. Motivated and passionate people are great places to start with your internal staff. But to ensure a high level of success rely on battle hardened transformation change agents from Agile Rising to serve as thought and practice leaders in your organizational change management (OCM) plan.

Successful transformations depend largely on experience and leaderships commitment to change.

Best Practice Transformations

As Agile practitioners and consultants we choose options that work for your specific organizational context. If you need options to enhance the agility of your existing Agile teams we can provide agility health assessments, facilitate retrospectives, and drive and build improvement backlogs. We also offer custom courses to refresh your team’s knowledge along with a coordinated approach to organizational change and change leadership.

Our Agile Transformation services include:

  • Agile Training and Certification
  • Framework selection and transformation planning
  • Agile coaching
  • Executive and leadership coaching

Lean-Agile-Business-Team Ideas, Practices & Frameworks that we love and recommend:

  • Extreme Programming (XP)
  • The Agile Manifesto for Software Development
  • Lean Thinking
  • Organization Mindset
  • Systems Theory & Complexity (CAS)
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Organizational Change Leadership
  • Prosci ADKAR Model
  • Kotter 8-Step Process
  • Scrum
  • Kanban Systems
  • Liberating Structures
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Design Thinking
  • The Lean Startup Cycle
  • PDCA (Deming/Shewhart cycle)
  • Toyoda Production System (TPS) + Kata
  • Quality Management
  • High-performance teaming / Team of Teams
  • Training from the Back of the Room
  • Micro-learning (Willeke)
  • Cynefin framework (/ˈkʌnɪvɪn/ KUN-iv-in)
  • Scrum of Scrums (at scale)
  • SAFe
  • TBM

Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Enterprises (SAFe)

When your organization decides that you have reached the tipping point and know what you need to do – change the system – the next question is nearly always, “how do we do it?” The SAFe is an excellent answer for enterprise-class organizations that need to act quickly and decisively with the momentum to invest in world-class guidance and training assets.

For any organization that commits to a transformation and adopts SAFe, it will be one of the most extensive and complex set of changes that your teams have experienced. You do not want your implementation partner to be doing this for the first time, learning on the job.

Only SAFe SPCT Gold Partners have validated experience successfully implementing SAFe and Agile Rising has direct experience working at the CIO level in both private and government agencies to make SAFe work for you. We will help your leadership drive the transformation, select appropriate partners for training and coaching, and be your guide on this complex journey. 

Digital Transformation with SAFe and TBM

If your organization is undergoing a digital transformation that is driving very difficult spend and value discussions, let us help you build some new organizational instincts. Taking an enterprise systems view to your complex product and service delivery may help you choose where to start to develop patterns for success.

If your IT group struggles to justify spend and the business is always frustrated with delayed schedules and quality issues, perhaps it is time to shift thinking to value conversations. TBM and SAFe work well together as complementary bodies of knowledge with in-depth insights and guidance on how you can build a new system that feeds on learning rather than struggle.

Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our transformation experts who can help you design a strategy for your organization.