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The goal of Technology Business Management (TBM) is to improve the collaboration between business, finance, and IT to maximize the delivery of value and the return on investment. Agile is about enabling the enterprise to move at the speed of the market, respond to unexpected events and opportunities, drive innovation, and capitalize on emerging technologies. But, this collaboration between business and IT can only exist if there is transparency into the real progress of work being done and value being delivered, combined with informed decisions about the actual costs of technology investments. TBM + Agile provides business leaders with the framework needed to match capacity with demand while managing spending and performance.

TBM helps to move the conversation from merely looking at the price of IT to talking about maximizing value and achieving business objectives.

TBM is a market-leading approach to modernizing financial planning and governance for IT. Implementing TBM can produce significant improvements, but it also has many overlaps with an Agile transformation, particularly for organizations implementing SAFe or Lean Portfolio Management. Indeed, “Enterprise Agility” is one of the four main areas of focus of TBM.

TBM: The four value conversations.
– Technology Business Management Council (tbmcouncil.org)

At Agile Rising, we believe the best way to implement TBM is in conjunction with an Agile transformation. This approach modernizes both the IT delivery and innovation model and the Financial controls and reporting tools at the same time and in complimentary ways. Even more importantly, organizations should not view these transformations as separate initiatives. From an organizational change leadership perspective, they are two sides of the same coin and should be implemented together. TBM and enterprise Agile are both critical components of an overall digital transformation. Agile provides a path to optimizing the “change-the-business” activities such as innovation and application development. In contrast, TBM provides CIOs and CFOs with a path for optimizing “run-the-business” activities such as infrastructure, IT services, and managing the total cost of ownership.

Utilizing the TBM concept of Value Conversations and an Agile enterprise framework such as SAFe, Agile Rising helps enable collaboration between Business, IT, and Finance. By organizing around value streams, implementing lean budgeting — a smaller investment that returns value more quickly — and creating transparency throughout the process, we can help you create a roadmap and transition approach to transform your organization successfully.

TBM Key Performance Indicators – TBM Council

The TBM key performance indicators focus on the critical measures needed as you build out your TBM implementation strategy. Simply put: Measure what matters.

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Agile Rising has been a leader in bringing the TBM and Agile movements together. From being an active participant of the TBM + Agile Working Group, to speaking at TBM and Agile conferences on combining these frameworks, to helping our customers drive successful implementations and transformations, we are leading the way. With deep experience helping multiple large corporations and Federal agencies successfully adopt the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) and implement Lean Portfolio Management, we know the challenges you face and can help you navigate a successful implementation strategy combining Agile and TBM.

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Agile Rising has a number of offering to get you started with TBM + Agile:

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  • TBM and Agile training and certification classes
  • Best in class reporting and integration as an Apptio and TargetProcess Partner

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