Enterprise Collaboration and Participatory Budgeting

Stop struggling with alignment and start Collaborating with SAFe to build enterprise budgets and innovative products

The Challenges

Do any of the following questions ring true in your organization? If so, follow us to learn new ways of thinking and working that will help to improve or solve your biggest challenges.

Is your organization struggling to cope with a dramatically changing business context and market conditions due to circumstances beyond your control?

We can help you build a Lean Portfolio Management capability and continuous learning culture that instinctively moderates change and even learns from leading indicators to predict market conditions.

Do those changes affect your budgets?

What if your budgets were no longer anchored by siloed information and long-term commitments? We can help you develop the skill to plan your budgets with inputs from your entire organization. All of the smart, dedicated, and motivated people that you hired working towards a common vision while managing risk more effectively. See below to learn more about Participatory Budgeting in SAFe Collaborate combined with Lean Start-up and SAFe Lean Portfolio Management.

How do you create strategic enterprise and business unit alignment with your senior leaders to line managers with regard to your enterprise budgets?

We can help you organize around value as your organization creates a new value stream network(s) that creates natural alignment.

With an endless supply of good to great ideas from your people, how do you decide which are the best investments?

Let us help you build an innovation engine that you can steer, measure, and enjoy the benefits from as your people are set free to be creative and take risks.

Do you struggle with prioritizing features in your products and never seem to have capacity to get the important things done?

Agile Product Management combined with the SAFe Enterprise backlog structure is the answer.

How do you know if you are investing in initiatives that your people will rally behind?

Get them involved in the process of determining whether or not to invest. Decentralized decision making combined with SAFe core competencies drives culture that supports autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Lets us coach your teams and help establish servant leadership with fresh thinking grown from your new Lean-Agile Thinking Manager-Teachers.

What has been your success rate with budget allocation accuracy vs. ROI and net profit margin?

Struggling to pull all the pieces of the puzzle together, and you never really trust the numbers. We can help you focus on the critical measures while simplifying how you manage your capital and operational expenses, budgets, forecasts, roadmaps and plans, and ultimately drive increase profits through improvements to your system.

Do you know what portion of every dollar is wasted to generate a dollar in revenue (cost efficiency)?

If you are still relying on standardized costing models and timesheets you are probably not seeing the real picture. We can help you build a rationalized model that is simplified and accurate.

Our Solutions

Enterprise Collaboration

Agile Rising’s SAFe Collaborate idea engine forums for different exercises.

Agile Rising consultants are at the fore-front of developing distance learning and remote enterprise collaboration tools on the Scaled Agile SAFe Collaborate platform. Our team utilizes the proven Innovation Games collaborations in the tool to drive exceptionally deep and meaningful collaboration, decision making, and ideation in your teams.

Agile Rising has developed many SAFe Collaborate idea engine tools.

Participatory Budgeting

At Agile Rising, we understand the challenges of building leading indicators and connections to budget and cost efficiency across the enterprise. Understanding the problem is the first step in learning how and when to pivot on investments. The ability to actively and dynamically manage budgets using data science is a critical aspect of building your new learning organization and systems approach. With our experience in participatory budgeting, specialized tools, and managing portfolios of significant strategic initiatives, we can help guide your organization to build a solution that works for you.

Participatory Budgeting with SAFe Collaborate®
An example SAFe Collaborate Participatory Budgeting collaboration forum using the decision engine

SAFe Collaborate is a specialized enterprise collaboration tool that includes idea and decision engines. Within the machine, there is a specialized decision engine template (SAFe® Participatory Budgeting) that enterprises use for collaboration on creating an actionable budget with genuine shared commitment and ownership.

“SAFe® Participatory Budgeting enables Lean Portfolio Management fiduciaries to collaborate with Business Owners and other relevant stakeholders to right-size the investments in value streams and helps manage the approval process of epics in the portfolio Kanban.”

– Scaled Agile, Inc.

The enterprise identifies, understands, hypothesizes, and maps portfolio value streams as part of a SAFe Implementation. Each Value Stream designates which part of the budget is for run-the-business (RTB) and grow-the- business (GTB) activities.

The enterprise’s strategic themes are direct inputs into the budgeting process. Fiduciaries, business owners, leaders, managers, and other stakeholders collaborate on creating the single enterprise portfolio backlog. How, how much, and when you invest in those initiatives is a challenge that your organization can tackle using participatory budgeting.

SAFe® Participatory Budgeting & Enterprise Collaboration Facilitation

Agile Rising offers private consultation and professional facilitation services for your enterprise. Typically, with our enterprise clients, training workshops are preceding the actual participatory budgeting events. This order gives participants the practical knowledge and understanding necessary to put participatory budgeting into practice.

Agile Rising is prepared to support your enterprise participatory budgeting events in-person or remotely.