Advanced Facilitator: Value Stream Mapping Micro-Credential

Master the art of facilitating the Value Stream Mapping workshop.

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) helps leaders understand how value flows through your organization and is the key to organizing Agile Teams and ARTs to have the biggest impact and to minimize dependencies. Facilitating a VSM workshop can be a complex and daunting task. This Micro-Credential goes beyond what you learned about Value Stream Identification in Implementing or Leading SAFe, providing you with the opportunity to practice facilitating an in-depth VSM workshop under the guidance of an SPCT. This Micro-Credential prepares you to be a credentialed VSM facilitator.

About This Program

The Advanced Facilitator: Value Stream Mapping course is a blended learning experience including half a day of online, self paced eLearning and a half day workshop facilitated by a SAFe SPCT. This Micro-Credential levels-up your facilitation skills giving you real experience beyond what you learn in a traditional class. Participants will work through practical exercises and real-world scenarios. They’ll also earn a SAFe Micro-credential certification to demonstrate their competency.

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Attendees Will Learn How To: 

  • Hear expert guidance live and engage with concepts through hands-on, interactive exercises to improve mastery of new skills
  • Earn a recognized SAFe micro-credential badge and show proven competency
  • Be prepared to run the Value Stream Workshop and equip teams to identify and manage their value streams effectively
  • Learn valuable skills to grow your impact in an Agile organization

Who Should Take This Program?

The Advanced Micro-Credential go beyond what is covered in SAFe certification classes and are designed for:

SPCs, Agile Coaches, Team Coaches, Managers and Leaders – Those preparing to facilitate the Value Stream Mapping Workshop.

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Course Details

  • Duration: Half a day of online, self paced learning and half a day of a facilitated session
  • Facilitated workshop: A live session led by enabled partners
  • Assessment: Attendees are tested on key topics and learning objectives
  • Achievement: Earn a SAFe Micro-credential achievement once completed

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