Thinking about Trust Blockchains for Organizations

September 16, 2021
by Marshall Guillory, SPCT, Agile Rising

I have been dabbling with bitcoin and blockchain for a few years now. Recently a long-time friend and colleague put me onto a market innovation that I had not thought possible – NFT’s – and the endless possibilities of safe asset transactions in a high trust transfer with the protection of intellectual property in the blockchain. As an example, before this moment, I hadn’t perceived Bitcoin as being used beyond a replacement for fiat currency.

Right now, from my perception I see silly and simple things like 8bit graphics being bartered, the digital things. For me, this technology brings some really big questions about how we think about organizations and change.

“Blockchain proponents often describe the innovation as a “transfer of trust in a trustless world,” – Blockchain proponents via Brookings

I have some big questions now. Trust is everything. It fuels relationships which in turn fuels business and eventually innovation in the value chain.

As coaches, one of our goals is to create trust where none exists.

  • What are some ways that we could use the blockchain conceptually in our organizations to capture and retain trust?
  • Could we use a blockchain to create trust through trusted transactions?
  • Clearly there is a role to play in AI, RPA, and ML so how do those technologies integrate with an “organizational trust blockchain” to affect teams and innovation?

Once we know how to create trust an organizational blockchain protocol could be used to maintain trust through the network. Trusted transactions already happen in our social structure within companies even where there is little to zero psychological safety. Which is, unfortunately, a reality for 99.9% of organizations.

The problem with trust and transactions is that they are most often fleeting, disconnected, and/or highly localized within individuals or pairs. Not teams, markedly. We need a way to capture and build the “organizational trust blockchain.”

So, how do we integrate AI, RPA, ML, and BlockChain into your organization? Are companies ready for the leap?

I believe the key is in stronger organizational social networks that operate within known and mapped value stream networks with trusted transactions. Now more than ever. What do you think?

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