The Future of Marketing is Iterative

With investment in the digital age reaching $1.9 Trillion by 2022, marketers are tasked with adapting rapidly to a high-stakes, complex ecosystem. Since the mid-2010s, the digital marketing software landscape has exploded. We now have nearly quadruple the options for marcomm software than we did in the mid-2010s.

We no longer live in a “message to receiver” world…the digital marketing landscape is complex, multi -touch, and increasingly automated. Tools like anyword promise completely automated ad copy creation. Blueshift, and other CDP solutions, are helping marcomm professionals accurately track intent and complex attribution models. Creating true omnichannel customer experiences is becoming a norm in most organizations, this goal is no longer a task reserved for the largest groups with access to such software. As the playing field is democratized, are marketers doing enough to adapt how they work?

The future of marketing is iterative. The future of marketing is experiment-driven, agile, and cadence based.

A true team of agile marketers is self-organizing, and responsive to iteration. Rather than backlog content and release in batch, the agile marketing team creates small, hypothesis-based materials and release on cadence. This allows them to respond to customer inputs, and shift based on the needs of their public. Taking an iterative approach to creative production not only mitigates front-loaded costs, it can allow for reduced time-to-market and true responsiveness.

Depending on the needs of the organization, the agile marketing team consists of a scrum master, a product owner, and multiple creatives or analysts.  Each with clearly defined goals and responsibilities dependent on the value streams identified through value stream identification.

Agile marketers reduce waste by looping in customer feedback, revealing opportunities for messaging which may be missed in standard SWOT exploration. Not only does agile marketing bring marketers closer to customer needs, it helps create a true ecosystem within your brand. 

As a SAFe Gold SPCT, Agile Rising is fully enabled to help you roll-out agile marketing efforts at your organization. We understand the needs of an increasingly digital world and help create roadmaps for your organization’s success. While agile didn’t start with the intention of being implemented in marketing, it is certainly moving in that direction. Contact us today to learn more about agile marketing!