How Agile Coaching can Supercharge Your Transformation

Every high-performing team needs a high-performing coach. Major organizational changes require experience and leadership. As with any major change, your organization needs to have a team of experienced guides to keep everything on track.

Groups need coaches who guide the way to a successful transformation, explain how to adopt new practices, techniques, and tools—all while guiding teams towards an Agile mindset.

Implementing Lean and Agile helps optimize and streamline your processes, but making significant changes in your organization is not easy. An experienced coach helps navigate these change leadership challenges while jump-starting your transformation and providing you with dedicated, knowledgeable guidance at every step of your journey.

An Agile Coach is an objective party who helps navigate challenges, accelerates the pace of change, and makes those changes stick — which can help save time and money while avoiding painful mistakes.

Benefits of having an Agile Coach


An experienced Agile Coach will energize your organization and be an immediate catalyst for change. A dedicated coach will not only provide new ideas and insights, but also bring the discipline to make real change and keep your teams accountable for producing tangible results, establishing good habits, and providing on-the-job mentoring.


Agile Rising was created to provide our clients with world-class enterprise transformation coaches with deep experience leading Agile and SAFe implementations in multiple organizations. Our Enterprise Transformation Coaching team includes Certified SAFe Program Consultant Trainers (SPCT) and SAFe Fellows who are recognized as some of the most experienced transformation leaders in the world. They provide our clients with the latest thought leadership and insights into current industry trends and developments, and, most importantly, transformational techniques and processes that are proven to work.


How new ways of working are introduced and rolled out is just as important as the techniques and practices being adopted. An Agile Coach will provide a transformation roadmap and backlog of activities and communication to make the transformation flow and be a success. This helps the organization achieve its goals and avoids missed steps or opportunities to improve along the way.


Having an objective outside expert who does not have preconceived notions about your organization and is not involved in the internal politics of the enterprise can lead to powerful benefits. The Agile Coach will identify improvements, opportunities for growth, and new tools and techniques that may be overlooked by an internal team member. Additionally, an objective outsider can help bridge the gap between teams and executives, providing recommendations to leadership that may be difficult or impractical for team members to suggest.


Our experienced coaches are not there just to provide ideas and training. They are there to drive change in your organization. An Agile Coach is a force multiplier, providing a dedicated focus on making change happen, and driving adoption among your teams. While many of your leaders and internal change agents are balancing doing their regular jobs and also leading the change, our coaches are their partners, dedicated to getting the job done and driving the outcomes your leadership teams have identified.

Ready to take the next step and get an executive coach for yourself or a coach for you team? Reach out and contact us to find the right coach.