Effective Value Stream Management with SAFe Lean Portfolio Management and TBM – Webinar Recording

As the world changes, the Agile landscape will need to be increasingly adaptable. Agile Rising is teaming with Scaled Agile Framework and the Technology Business Management Council to bring you valuable, up-to-date information, all to help you effectively organize around value and improve the collaboration between the business and IT through Lean Portfolio Management.

Effective Value Stream Management will be crucial to the success of any organization in the coming years. Aligning strategic planning with budgeting, funding, and execution with SAFe and TBM, provides a powerful combination to enable IT to deliver more value with more transparency, and to achieve greater business agility and partnership with the business. Together, these frameworks help IT shift run-the-business spending to change-the business investment, which results in faster and better business value, aligned with the strategy and goals of the enterprise.

In this webinar, Richard, Todd, and Chris provided guidance on how SAFe and TBM support each other and enable effective Value Steam Management, including characteristics of an effective Lean Portfolio Management approach, how to bridge conversations between business and IT, and practical tips on implementing these approaches in your organization.

Richard Knaster is a SAFe Fellow and Principal Consultant at Scaled Agile.

Todd Tucker is the VP of Standards and Research and Education for the Technology Business Management Council.

Chris Ruch is a SAFe SPCT and the President of Agile Rising. He specializes in large scale transformations, helping enterprise-scale firms achieve agility.