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Agile Rising Podcast: Creating the Agile Environment

Andrew Keener and Tom McDonnell kick off our new Agile Rising podcast with insights into the future of Agile and SAFe®. Listen here and be sure to follow Andrew and Tom on LinkedIn. Complete audio transcript Welcome to the all-new Agile Rising Podcast, bringing you viewpoints and expertise from some of the world’s leading Agile […]

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Agile Rising’s New Remote Learning Digital Classroom

As the world of work changes, we are committed to changing with it. That’s why we created a digital classroom to help our clients adjust to remote work. This tool comes with our course offering and requires no extra software to utilize, it is hosted directly in our collaborative learning environment. Check out our upcoming […]

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Success depends largely on experience.

A SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Answers Your Questions

I try to protect the team, but support issues and dependencies always seem to pop up mid-iteration. If I push back too hard against the Product Owner or Stakeholders, I look unreasonable. If I give up, I feel like a failure. Sometimes, just when I think I have a handle on this responsibility, it turns out team members are working on all kinds of side-projects and how should we handle unplanned work?

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From Project to Product: Beyond the COVID19 Turning Point

From Project to Product explores the changing Agile landscape as our world shifts due to COVID19. Agile Rising’s president and SPCT, Chris Ruch, collaborated with others from around the globe to speak to the rapidly changing Agile landscape. Author Mik Kersten summarizes his best selling book, Project to Product. A text that is addressed regularly […]

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