2020: A Year of Change

2020 was a year defined by change. It is becoming increasingly clear that organizations that are able to adapt to change rapidly and effectively will thrive. This year, a major concern of many of our customers was adapting to remote work, while maintaining productivity. We guided a number of groups through the process of creating a fully distributed work environment for their agile teams..

2020 also saw Agile Rising guide the launch of new Agile Release Trains at both NASA and the Veteran’s Administration. Our work with government groups has grown rapidly as we see more and more government organizations adapt to change through agile. This can be further illustrated at the upcoming SAFe Day Government event in February. There, two of our team members will expand on their years of experience within the government space.

We also taught remote certification classes for students around the world by creating our own tools and using pre-existing solutions to deliver an immersive on-line learning experience. The Agile Rising Digital Classroom, for instance, was instrumental in helping students through Implementing SAFe and other SAFe course material. We helped create Mural retro templates to help our community collaborate through Mural. We teamed with groups like Rentouch, to help you continue a world-class PI Planning experience while working remotely. All this leading towards one point: it is possible, through agile, to adapt rapidly to even the most tumultuous circumstances. COVID-19 certainly wasn’t a predictable situation, though groups who effectively utilize agility were able to adapt rapidly to this change. While remote work represents another turning point for many in our community, it also presents an opportunity to those who are willing to leverage a lean-agile mindset and adequate collaborative tooling to help them along the way.

Agile Rising has also grown and changed in 2020. We brought in three new team members, including Mark Richards, a SAFe Fellow and SPCT. We hope that the addition of new talent will help us bring more experienced consulting and coaching services to our clients.

Thank you for another excellent year from all of us at Agile Rising to all of you, our community! We are looking forward to another year of public classes, consulting, and agile enablement. To see our upcoming courses for 2021, click below!