Andrew Keener

Director, Training Solutions

Andrew Keener applies expert knowledge, industry experience, and relentless energy to solving your company’s issues. A graduate of Loyola University Chicago with a Master of Business Administration in Strategy & Marketing, Andrew’s early career focused on custom application development, playing diverse roles throughout 40+ applications across dozens of industries. After eight years, he transitioned into agile coaching and lean enterprise transformation.

Today, as a SAFe SPC, Andrew specializes in working with companies as they launch their Lean Enterprise transformation utilizing the Scaled Agile Framework. As the Director of Training Solutions at Agile Rising, Andrew works with your leaders and managers to facilitate Value Stream workshops, identify Agile Release Trains, and launch them—combining teaching, coaching, and consulting to spread best practices in Lean Portfolio Management, Scrum and Kanban development, and DevOps Continuous Delivery.

With more than a dozen years of experience in technology management and the successful launch of seven Agile Release Trains, Andrew has the ability to work effectively with your leaders and teams, listen to their ideas, and help them implement the changes necessary for successful lean-agile transformation.

Let Andrew be your implementation partner, as he has done for large enterprises including Allstate Insurance, United Airlines, and Emerson Process Automation. His expertise and experience can be an incredible asset to your company and its goals.